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Steps Forward

Video above is those of the community fishing team (which includes every able body; woman, children, men, and elderly) and the newly placed fishing cages.

Update Post Covid-19:

A community organizing is a systematic way of addressing the root causes of social problems. People act together to change their communities and society. Through the organization of community, people build relationships across differences to work on issues they share in common. Together, they identify shared goals and learn tools to make changes that improve their lives and society.

Canisia, as well, functions just as an organized community, bridging differences to makes an impact on society. In Canisa, faith is central to our work with the intention of bettering the lives of those less fortunate. While we experience faith in varying ways, we bridge this difference by sharing a common belief that the community and the world in which we live in can look differently from its current state. Canisa is a multi-faith organization; many of us find strength and guidance in our faith to take the risks necessary to act on behalf of ourselves and others. 

After conducting extensive research and numerous one on one interviews in the Kadjucu (Katana) community, in southern Kivu of Congo DRC, with the intent to identify the people’s needs and also how we can support to relieve their pain. Canisia was able to identify how they would be able to positively impact that community, which was through their fishing business. As Canisa was fishing with one of the community’s fishing team, using traditional methods, it became jarringly apparent how much the locals relied on this business for sustainment; and how limited they were in production and revenue. The local’s provided suggestions one of them being rearing fishes in cages. By having cages they would be able to raise fishes and thus be able to have larger quantities of fishes. They would supplement rearing their own fish population with a continued investment in the traditional fishing team.

After researching in the community and speaking with the chief of the village; Canisa has made arrangements with the Congolese government for the placement of the cages in Lake Kivu in order to promote community development in this part of the country. While this is a large step forward in helping this community to gain financial independency and sustainment there is still much to be done.

Our organization is still in need of support from those who share a similar vision of a better future because:  

1. We are operating in rural areas within an undeveloped country.

2. We are in need of those who can help and teach us how to improve production with technology.

3. We are in need of those knowledgeable in community, agriculture, and business development.

If you are interested in joining out community, Canisia, and making a difference in the world please reach out to us: [email protected]

And check out our website for more info:

Video above is that of the community members working together to transport the cages to the lake.

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