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What’s Happening Now

What’s Happening Now

CANISA Project I here to present our project called: CANISA Project. We are very grateful for the opportunity that we were given by Faith In Action through November – December. Faith In Action International has organized a leadership training program in Rwanda. 

The CANISA Organization felt honored to be invited by Father John Baumann, the founder of Faith In Action to have the chance to participate in the training. For the training, we sent over a representative for our organization. Our representative was trained as an organizer and now he returned to Congo as our newly trained organizer in our staff. 

In Rwanda, they have visited the villages Mumeya, Nyange, Ngisenyi – Nyabugogo. 


                                              Sisters Convent

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  1. I’m very excited to see that after the City Of Hope in Zambia. You were able to have this inspiration to honor this girl.


  2. Oh, our refugees are doing a good job of this commitment.

    Keep up, girl.
    We are right behind you.
    You have our support.

    Irene Smith

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